Wine Tasting

How Do You Organise A Wine Tasting Session?

  • Ring us on 0410 98 36 98/ 02 9327 8883 or email us at to arrange a booking. The event is best held over two and an half to three hours.
  • Requirements for the event.
  • Please provide us with an indoor venue ie a room with a table or bench for us to display our wines and seats for your guests. A long table with chairs around it is ideal. There should be no strong odours or proximity to tobacco smoke or scent in or near the room.
  • Invite up to 20 of your friends and try to obtain firm commitments from them to come. (NOTE: There are always people who drop out of any event; we need a minimum of fifteen to participate).
  • For home and office events, you can either cater the food or ask the participants if they would like to bring along a plate of predominantly savoury nibbles for the evening – preferably raw vegetables, apples, cheese and biscuits, olives. No anchovies or other fish or anything with peanut butter or asparagus as these foods can clash with wine. If you require us to supply extra crackers and cheese we can do so at a small charge.
  • Please provide us with a space to unpack and display our wines, distribute our order forms and arrange the tasting glasses ahead of time. Access to a kitchen or running water is appreciated.
  • Each tasting event will consist of the tasting of seven wines, usually a sparkling/champagne, two whites, one rose, two reds, and a dessert wine.

Things that will help to make a success of the event:

  • Please provide us with easy access to the office or house, with parking for us where possible.
  • Please provide water or non-alcoholic drinks for the duration of the wine tasting. Tea or coffee after the event.
  • Encourage your visitors not to drink and drive.
  • Please ensure that all participants who are tasting/drinking/ordering alcohol are at least 18 years of age.

How we conduct the tasting:

  • We shall arrive at your premises an hour before the arrival of your participants.
  • We will serve a tasting portion of each of the seven wines. It is inadvisable for participants to help themselves due to RSA constraints.
  • We shall mention tasting techniques and the history of the wines and the regions from which they come. If any of the participants are traveling to European wine regions now or in the future, we can arrange a tour of the wineries with which we deal and we have some gourmet accommodation packages as well.
  • If your participants wish to order any of the wines that are being tasted we will have order forms available for them at the end of the event.
  • All wine orders are formally processed at our licensed premises in Sydney and are sent out with Australia Post for deliveries outside Sydney, and delivered in person for metropolitan Sydney.
  • Our wines are selected from Europe and Australia first and foremost to go well with food. If you are planning to serve a particular sort of food to accompany the wine tasting, we can select the wines accordingly, or you can request a predominance of a particular kind of wine e.g. Italian, French, Australian, lighter wines, heavier wines, organic wines.
  • Additional Notes for Wine Tasting Sessions in home can be provided.
  • Please consider the following.
  • Numbers of participants: our tastings are designed for 15-20 persons. If there are over 20 persons we shall require to open additional bottles of wine. There is a charge for this. Please advise us at least a week in advance if there will be more than twenty persons and we shall inform you of the additional cost.
  • Pre and Post Wine Tasting Session drinks: as host please provide additional drinks. We suggest mineral water prior to the Wine Tasting, tea and coffee afterwards.
  • Please make sure that the wine tasting is the main or only event of the evening. If it is combined with a musical band or other party or entertainment, the participants tend to get distracted and the whole point of the wine tasting is lost.
  • We expect that the wine tasting will have the undivided attention and consumption of all persons present such that we cannot proceed or continue if persons present start opening their own alcoholic drinks.
  • Cancellations: last minute cancellations are not effective. The fee for the entire event is payable in full unless notice of cancellation by you is received at least fourteen days before the event.
  • We rely upon you to make sure that all persons participating in the event have a keen interest in wine, otherwise they persons who are interested are put at a disadvantage and the event is harder to conduct.

Join us on the Route du Vin the wine road of Europe.We find you the most interesting selection of French, Italian, Spanish and cool climate Australian wines at fair prices. See us for accommodation and winery visits before you travel to wine regions in Europe.

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